Smoky Mountain Ministers
"Who will be marrying us?"
That's an excellent question, and we're glad you brought that up. I'm Bill Champoux "which is pronounced (shampo)" I am a legally ordained Christian Minister, and together with my wife Jodie we have been marrying couples here in the Smoky Mountains for almost a couple of decades. We started performing ceremonies in cabins to bring a more relaxed and simpler wedding day for you. Jodie "who will perform weddings as well on occasion" and I have been living here in the Smoky Mountains for about 20 something years with our dogs Sarah, Dorothy, and the occasional stray that wanders through the doggy door. We really love meeting you people because we end up having a lot of fun together. We always had the attitude that you've come many miles to get here, your a little nervous, and you really could use a friend to help put it all together, and make things more enjoyable for you.
Bill Champoux
Legally Ordained
Christan Minister
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