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Jodie and myself at the park.
This was a record for me that year.
Diamond and slugger at Smokies ball park.
Hi everyone,
and great going
on your up coming
wedding. You made
an excellent choice
by coming to the Smokies

Getting married in the Smokies is a great choice to say the least. My wife Jodie and I have performed thousands of ceremonies and are the first cabin wedding ministers in the Smoky Mountains. Little did we know this would be such a big institution today. Now a days it seems that everyone is offering wedding services, but good news we still manage to hold our own! I like to contribute our lasting success to having a relaxed, friendly,  professional service for our couples. When you get married by Jodie and I you get down to earth people that care, real "church ordained" ministers; and we handle the business end of your ceremony with complete professionalism.

Favorite Charities
Photos from behind the scenes
Bill's short list
Need a new digital camera and can't decide?
Oriental Medicine celebrates it's 5000th year
Kim Komando "Digital Goddess"
Visiting nursing homes can be a rewarding experience for the residents, and you.
Hebrews 6:10 (NIV) *
God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.
Learning the native dance.
Moog's contribution to music 'will live forever'
Robert Moog, inventor of the Moog synthesizer, "was a scientist who spoke music,"  Bob's Daughter Michelle is carrying on her fathers lagacy. She is my friend so please take the time to visit.
Make some time and give your experience to a young person. This is Annie, she lost her mother yet she graduated from Cornell and now .taking on Colorado.and will be a top notch PA with a license in alternative health care. I taught her photography and this is a self portrait!

My Grand Nieces Samantha &  Evelyn. They were wearing Halloween costumes This is not how they look all the time.
I grew up with Charlie,  He started a band and hired this guy named Yanni, No one could pronounce his last name so we just stuck with what we could pronounce. Who would have thought Yanni would become this megga star? :"not for his keyboard playing heheheheeh"Charlie works for Yanni now, and also trains drummers of many popular bands. Mostly he works with his child and helps him get through the struggles of autism.
Korg synthesizers and equipment
Want to know more about your camera? See my friends site. Or ask me when I get there I will be glad to help you get great pics of the Smokies
We have the best bunch of kids around!!! God Bless them and the staff at SMCH
I will never forget my old friends from MIC
Here's a young Rev Bill  " always practice"
This is how we make our park great! With your donations you can help the cause.
This is in honor of my wife Jodie and My late mother Betty. Both were sticken with severe RA
My Father James and his Brother Bill both had this diesase. The end result is very terrible, yet takes years to come to an end.
When my mother was dealing with her crippling RA she had a massive heart attack when I was young, and many heart related problems through out the span of her life  . Who would think that at 42 I would carry on this legacy? well one heart attack and latter an emergency Quad by pass, This is it for me,,, NO MORE!!
My mother and I shared the same sense of  British style humor. She told me before she passed. away she has fought off so many things in life, yet who would have thought cancer would sneak up behind and get her..
Lionel Richie was one of many in my neighborhood who had gone on to musical careers. "Lion" helped to raise over $3.1 million for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. He was the featured performer at the Foundation’s Soirée Bouquet, the annual spring gala.

"Mike Pinera
is indestructible. At the end of the world the only thing left will be cockroaches and Mike Pinera."
(Alice Cooper 9-29-06)
Any older people out there remember what the longest rock drum solo was,, Iron Butterflies In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida !Mike is a friend of mine in music and in the Lord. He is curently working on a foundation with Master P to bring music to underprivileged children, and I hope I can help him quite a bit. More info as things develop.

Some where in The Mexican Riviera.
My motto is,, When it is cold go some where warm.
Spectrasonics Music soft ware "Omnisphere®"
Pro Tools software A Gigantic Leap in Sound and Speed
I'm very pleased to be part of a great private institution!
I'm pictured with Dr, Jane a great scholar, and virtuoso musician. She is carrying on many generations of philanthropy in the UK. What I'm getting at is I get to write some very big checks! Jane, her cousin Polly, and I help oversee distribution to many great needs, we get to make people happy and that's a lot of fun.!!
The Alternative Healing Guide