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An "Old" Love Made "New"

About Rev. Jodie S. Champoux

Jodie was ordained in 1994 and started her wedding ministry soon after, going from cabin to cabin to marry couples. Her favorite part of her job is interacting with the many brides and keeping them on an "even keel" and calm. When you call Smoky Mountain Cabin Weddings it will often be Jodie that you talk to, so feel free to avail yourself of her years of experience with thousands of couples.

Rev. Bill and Jodie,
We wrote you a thank you card and then realized we had deleted the e-mail we had with your mailing address.  Do you mind sending it again? We REALLY appreciate everything you both did to make our wedding day so special.  You guys are awesome! :)  We are attaching one of the beautiful pictures Jodie took. Jodie, you did an amazing job...every single picture is a treasure.  We have watched our video over and over with friends. They have all been astounded that we found such great folks over the Internet. :) We know it was God looking out for us yet again. Best wishes for a delightful holiday season and an abundantly joyful new year!
In His Amazing Love,
Josh and Julie :)
It was one of the most romantic moments I have ever witnessed. As this tall, distinguished gentleman leaned down to kiss his new bride he said "I've waited forty years for this," took her face in his hands and kissed her as a slow tear made it's way down her cheek. I just had to ask: "Why did you wait for forty years?"

Their story was more common than you might imagine...High school sweethearts who were seperated by the Vietnam war, they had each gone on to live seperate lives, always wondering about that first true love that never really got a chance. She found out that his mother had passed away, so she went to the funeral to pay her respects. They found themselves many years after their last encounter face-to-face, single again, and lonely. It is as if a prayer had been heard and answered, and now I got to witness it's fruition.

We often hear older couples who had dated young, then are forced to seperate, who then meet later in life to rekindle the sparks. Very often it was a move to a new town or the case of each going to a different college that seperates them when they are young.

If you are a single person looking for the love of your life, don't overlook high school renunions or other chances to re-connect. You never know, you just might encounter the true love of your life.

If you have a particularly romantic story you would like to share with us for this website, please feel free to send it to: Rev Jodie's Love Stories and I will be happy to publish it. Please feel free to include a photograph.

Robert and Kay at their Gatlinburg cabin wedding
Congratulations, Robert and Kay!


Sherry Ann Liddle and John Randall McIntyre

November 10, 2006

In the beginning: Sherry and Randy met 41 years ago when they were eight years old. It was their 3rd grade summer. Their families lived in an old coal-mining town called Marvel, Alabama.

Puppy Love: It was the summer of 65. Randy gave Sherry a sweetheart necklace and asked her to be his girlfriend. Sherry smiled and put on the necklace. She gave him the necklace back when he got on the swing set before her. She softened up and accepted the necklace again later.

Best Friends: They became pals throughout their childhood years enjoying growing up in the country. They lost contact in their later teen years when Randy moved away in 1974.

Sherrys wedding photo
Sherry on her wedding day looking beautiful.

Well a few days later I found out, and after 7 and 1/2 years together Jodie officiated the wedding for me and that cutie.

The funny part about that is on our way out of town heading to TN for the wedding we stopped to get Chris breakfast and for the first time in years we ran into that lady again.

After dating/hanging out for about 6 months Chris went with me and my family to the beach for the weekend. The first evening there we shared our first kiss standing on the beach watching the sunset. A few years later we all made the trip again as we still do every year. All day on that Saturday Chris seemed a little nervous and before the evening was over I found out why. After dinner with the family we went for a walk on the beach. He wanted us to walk back to the place where we shared our first kiss. As we were walking and talking all of the sudden he was no longer walking with me. At first glance I thought he had fallen down, but actually he was on one knee and proceeded to ask me to be his wife.

For several years we would take a trip to Gatlinburg around Christmas. So when it came time to plan the wedding the general location was pretty obvious to us. We knew we wanted something intimate, low keyed, and special. We spent many evenings searching the web and came up with a list of possibilities. I then began contacting each location and made the final decision after speaking with Jodie and Bill.

The ceremony was held in the chapel and we were treated very special. The service was incredible and we felt very welcome and special through out the entire process. I could not have imagined a better way to start our marriage and the pictures to commemorate the event are incredible!

jennifer & chris at their gatlinburg chapel wedding

December 30, 2006

Jennifer Crumbley and Chris Rowe

Our story begins in January of 1999. I was working my way through college as a manager at a restaurant. I went into work one evening and the day time manager told me she had "hired me a cutie" for the night shift. I just laughed and wondered to myself what was her idea of a cutie?

Adult Years: Sherry and Randy’s old friendship was rekindled at high school reunions from time to time. It had been five years since they had last spoken. Randy called Sherry on the evening of November 16, 2005. He had no idea that she had become widowed and he was going through a divorce and was calling to talk to the friend of his childhood. They talked a lot about their life changes and reminiscing about the fun childhood and teen years they had together.

First Date: November 22, 2005, Dinner at the Bright Star Restaurant in Bessemer. At the end of the evening, Randy asked if he could kiss Sherry. She said, “Not ready yet.” He kissed the tip of his index finger and placed his finger on her lips.

First Kiss: Randy cooked dinner for Sherry. They enjoyed looking through old school annuals and talking about their childhood years. They were slow dancing without any music playing and finally kissed for the first time.

Will you? After three dates and daily hours of talking on the phone, Randy asked Sherry to marry him. They knew they had come full circle at this time in their lives and it was meant for them to be together after all these years.

The wedding: Sherry and Randy were married in Gatlinburg, TN at their cabin. It was a beautiful and small ceremony beside the indoor pool with family members present: Randy’s Dad, John McIntyre, Best Man and Randy’s Mother, Peggy, Matron of Honor. Sherry’s children: Son, Paul Oswalt, accompanied Jordan Foster and daughter, Tara Golden, accompanied by Scott Thomasino were in attendance.

Reception Dinner: The Reception Dinner was given by Randy’s parents, John & Peggy McIntyre at a local Gatlinburg Restaurant. A great time was had by all!

Honeymoon: Sherry and Randy honeymooned in Gatlinburg. They thoroughly enjoyed their beautiful cabin with a private indoor pool, sightseeing and dining out.

Happily ever after: They’re enjoying decorating their new home at Ballantrae in Pelham. Sherry is the Executive Assistant for Adventure Travel in Riverchase and Randy is a Supervisor for Chemical Lime Plant in Calera. They’re looking forward to enjoying their retiring years together making new memories.

Tom & Stacy Harper

Tom and I met about 15 years ago through a mutual friend. We eventually became really good friends. We remained friends for a great deal of time and on February 23, 1997, we were on a ski lift together at Holiday Valley Ski Resort in New York, while another friend was practicing on the bunny hill. On the ski lift, we decided (as friends) that if we were still single in 10 years that we would just marry each other. About six months later we started dating. We thought that it would be really neat if we stuck to our 10 year agreement, which is why we chose February 23, 2007 to be our wedding day.

Although we are now husband and wife, we are still and always will be the best of friends.

Thank you again!!!

Stacy and Tom

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Curt & Mel's Love Story

It was early July of 2004 and I was working as a Level ONe Technical Support Representive for Microsoft in one of the call centers in the Philippines. Basically, we help people do troubleshooting over the phone. Curt Patterson happened to be one of them. He had a virus problem with his computer so I helped him out. It didn't start off pleasantl because he was so cocky til I put him in his place. I threatened to hang up on him if he ever got out of line with me again. So we were on the call for three and a half hours trying to fix his computer and as we did, we engaged in small talk and somehow sparked a little interest. And I'm pretty sure that by the end of the phone call, he didn't care less anymore if I fixed his computer or not! I had all his information but could not give him any of mine as per company policy. I ended up promising to send him an email. Two days later, I did and gave him my phone number thinking he wasn't seriously considering making an overseas phone call to someone he hasn't even seen...but he did. Persistent and relentless, that's my Curt. But from that day on, we burned the phone lines five to six times a day...everyday. His first trip to the Philippines was in October of that same year. I was still at work and had someone to go and pick him up at the airport and brought directly to were I was at. You can just imagine how he looked like after almost 24 hours on a plane. But as soon as I laid my eyes on him...i practically ran and jumped into his arms and we kissed our very first kiss. He stayed for ten days but promised to come back. Two months later in December he came back. On Christmas Eve, he asked my widowed mother and my only son for my hand in marriage . HE got down on one knee, slipped his mother's ring on my finger and asked me to be his wife.

We were bridging miles and miles and everyday, our feelings for each other grew and deepened in mind, body and heart. We vowed to protect and nurture this relationship until we can finally be together as man and wife. And boy, it wasn't easy! Sometimes, I question God about it and sometimes my resolve got weak but Curt was always there to say that everything's going to be alright.

So after two and a half years, the American Government finally had gotten sick of torturing us and gave us permission to finally marry in the states. We wanted to get married as soon as possible..not because they gave us 90 days to get 'er done but because we ache with the need to finally be together. To be able to grow in our love and be truly happy.

I have always thought that it might not be special to some people..but for us and our was a pretty extraordinary journey. It had been an adventure for both of us...and we are both looking forward to the next chapter.

We would like to thank you for honoring our special day and for making it truly precious and special. ((not to mention... FUN!!!)


Curt and Melanie Patterson
June 21, 2007

Curt & Mel's Love Story
Married June 21, 2008 at Creekside Cove Chapel

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