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This couple got married in their "jammies"...when we say there are no rules, we really mean it!
Even though it was only the two of them, this couple opted for a formal look, it just was their style!
Rev. Jodie Champoux has been helping couples plan their weddings in the Smokies for over eighteen years.  Her experience as a reservation agent in a thriving rental company gives her the ideal background to help couples select their rental company and cabin.  You can book a wedding with Rev. Champoux through Smoky Mtn Cabin Weddings.  
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Awesome view & good parking to boot

I know, I know, I'm obsessed with parking, but when you make your living going up and down mountain roads and parking on the side of a hill it does become a bit of an issue. Absolutely Breathtaking rented through Hearthside Cabin Rentals is an excellent example of a great place to get married with an awesome mountain view and ample parking for you, your guests, and even your minister. Absolutely Breathtaking is a wonderful cabin with a prow-front that looks out over a great mountain view. A wedding at Absolutely Breathtaking is best scheduled in the late afternoon when the sun is behind the cabin. Also, keep in mind that this cabin is in a private gated nature community which will somewhat limit your guest count (I would keep it to about 20 or so as a maximum). To see photos from a recent wedding at Absolutely Breathtaking go to our First Quarter, 2009 and look at the album Sparks-Grizzle.

So you have more than "a few" guests for your Wedding

Ok, I know how it tell two people, then they tell two people, etc., etc. No, I'm not talking about Amway, I'm talking about your wedding. The problem is, the intimate cabin wedding you envisioned has suddenly blossomed into a somewhat larger event. I do have a couple of solutions for you. The first answer to this dilemma is the rental company American Mountain Rentals, and their cabins "Bear Den Lodge" and "Totally Awesome View." These cabins are located next door to each other, are literally minutes from downtown Pigeon Forge, and have ample parking for all your guests (and your minister, photographer, caterer...get the picture?). We had back-to-back wedding services there this last weekend (we actually performed the service in the parking area next to the cabin to take advantage of the view. There was lots of room for everybody to enjoy the service, and a nice setting. If you would like to see photos from one of these weddings go to First Quarter, 2009 and look at the album Graziani-Ziegler.

The next company to check out is American Patriot Getaways. They have a cabin called Big Bear that easily accommodates a larger group for your wedding. One warning is that there is somewhat limited parking available at Big Bear, so you might have to contract with a service like Rocky Top Tours to shuttle some of your guests up to the cabin. Big Bear is located in between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, with easy access to either city. While this cabin does enjoy a fabulous mountain view, the living room is the only area spacious enough to stage a formal wedding service. If you would like to see photos from a wedding at Big Bear go to First Quarter, 2009 and look at the album Williams-Loomis.

So you have your cabin, you have picked out a dress (oh, yes, and a groom, of course), but now you need some food for your wedding. Well, for your cake, you just need to select one of the styles we deliver from our cake page. We bring the cake up with us and set it up before your wedding service. For catering, I suggest you contact the great folks at The Wright Stuff Catering. They have great food, wonderful service, and are generally good to work with. They have catered many weddings that we have conducted and have always been professional, clean, and on time. Well, now that you have your location, your food, your cake, your minister and photographer, now all you have to do is pick your dress and you are ready for your cabin wedding!

A Creek Side Cabin and a Pool...what a weekend!

Most often people ask us for ideas for weddings on a mountain with a great mountain view. The next often asked for location is creek side, which is much more difficult to come by in this area. This last weekend we had a wedding at a cabin that featured a great little gazebo by a babbling creek. It was a wonderful setting for a cabin wedding. The cabin is called "Creek Walk" rented through Gatlinburg Cabins Online. If you would like to see the photos from this wonderful creek side wedding spot, go to our First Quarter Gallery and look at the album labeled "Jackson-Hoehn." The only drawback to the Creek Walk cabin is that you have to be in pretty good shape for it (well, if you weren't before you got there, you would be when you get home). There are lots of stairs to this cabin, so if you are challenged in that area, this wouldn't be a good choice.

Probably the only type of cabin that would be harder to find would be a cabin that has a pool in it. Believe it or not, this weekend we also were at a great upscale little cabin that had a wonderful interior and a sunny Florida room with a private indoor pool. The deep deck wrapped around three sides of the cabin and was a great location for the intimate wedding service. OK, drooling to find out the name of this great rental? It is "Gone Swimming" Cabin #260 from Aunt Bug's Rentals. What's even better is that the cabin is simply a few minutes from downtown Pigeon Forge and has easy access. It would be perfect if you are coming for one of Pigeon Forge's great rod runs, or if you just love the idea of being a very short drive to Dixie Stampede, Gone Swimming is perfect for you. To see pictures from the wedding at Gone Swimming go to our First Quarter Gallery and look at the album labeled "Patterson-Johnson"

As always, if you happen to be browsing our gallery and see photos from a wedding that looks like a setting you would enjoy, just let me know the name the album is listed under and I will tell you the name of the cabin and the rental company. .

Enjoy the best of the Smokies in Wind Dancer

Well, if you are looking for a luxury cabin in the Pigeon Forge area, then you will want to check out the cabin called Wind Dancer. It is rented through Absolute Paradise Mountain Rentals (phone 865-774-8668, web address Wind Dancer has a wonderful mountain view, a hot tub, jacuzzi, and even a telescope to enjoy the stars and the mountains. This two-bedroom cabin would be a great setting for your honeymoon and wedding. It is located about 7 minutes from downtown Pigeon Forge, and isn't far from Gatlinburg, Dollywood, Dixie Stampede and the National Park.
What's even better is that the people at Absolute Paradise will give you a discount on a honeymoon and cabin wedding combination when you book it with them and mention Rev. Jodie's blog. I hope you will enjoy your wedding in this wonderful Pigeon Forge cabin as much as we enjoyed doing the wedding up there this week!

Four very private cabins

Happy New Year! We started the year doing several weddings in cabins that all had one thing in common...awesome privacy! It's not always the case the we are in cabins all day long that you cannot even see a neighbor, but this was the case on the first day of the new year.
The first cabin I want to highlight is the "Fawn Cabin" that is rented by Jackson Mountain Home. The cabin is located in the Buckhorn region of the Arts & Crafts Community area of Gatlinburg. (For those of you not familiar with the area, that's about 12 minutes from downtown Gatlinburg.) You will enjoy very easy access to the Arts & Crafts Community, and you will be about 25 minutes from downtown Pigeon Forge. If you want to see photos from the wedding at Fawn Cabin, go to First Quarter, 2009 and look at the album Clark-Back.

The next cabin we went to was Hearthside Cabin Rentals' A View To Remember. It has an awesome mountain view with a nice big deck to enjoy it from. Lots of windows in the living room area let you enjoy the view even if it's cold outside. One thing I noticed about this cabin is that the living room is sort of empty, which invites you to stage a more formal wedding in front of the windows if the weather prohibits using the deck. Probably the only thing I didn't like about it was the electric fireplace (I still prefer wood, or gas as a second choice) and the limited parking (only space for about 3 cars). The people we married there said that it was a little crowded in the game room on the lower level, so if you are a big pool fan, you would be frustrated. If you want to see photos from the wedding at A View to Remember, go to First Quarter, 2009 and look at the album Swartz-Kirk.

The next cabin we visited that day was call Grandmother's House rented through Volunteer Cabins in the Wears Valley area. This cabin was very nicely furnished and laid-out. There was a nice big deck and lots of huge windows to enjoy the spacious mountain view. With adequate parking and lots of elbow-room, this is a perfect cabin if you plan to have a few friends and family at your wedding. The only draw-back of the cabin is it's location. You are about 20 to 25 minutes from downtown Pigeon Forge and almost 45 minutes from Gatlinburg. You do have an easy drive to Cades Cove, so if that's a top priority for you, then put Grandmother's house on the short list. If you want to see photos from the wedding at Grandmother's House, go to First Quarter, 2009 and look at the album Hockensmith-Chipman.

I know that many of you are looking for very private cabins for your wedding/honeymoon experience, and I felt like this first day of the year provided me with several good options to present to you. Rev. Bill and I hope that this New Year will bring lots of wonder, love, and great opportunities to you and your loved ones. Thank you all for making 2008 one of our best years ever, and we look forward to an even better 2009!!

A Quiet Cabin in the Woods

If you are looking for a nice quiet cabin in the woods, there are a lot of options in the Gatlinburg area. This particular cabin has some assets that make it worth a second glance. The cabin is called "A Wildflower" rented through Cabins USA.

A Wildflower has one neighbor on one side, but most of the year the foliage between the cabins would block any view from one cabin to the next. The cabin is very well furnished with good comfortable (and stylish) furniture. It has a great log mantle over the stone fireplace with a flat screen TV well above that. The open lower floor plan allows you to enjoy the wonderful (and generous) stone-wrapped jacuzzi and the glow of the fireplace at the same time.

One of the best assets of the cabin is it's location. It is placed just minutes from the Main Parkway, with wonderfully easy access to the 5-Oaks shopping center, the Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and lots of shopping and music shows. (Don't forget to visit Connor's restaurant in 5-Oaks...I love their "angel biscuits".)

I am always happy to see a home that is obviously well cared-for by their homeowner and rental company. "A Wildflower" is a great example of just that. Although it doesn't have a great view, it has pretty good privacy, nice decor, and great convenience. If you would like to see pictures from a wedding at "A Wildflower" go to Fourth Quarter, 2008, Gallery and look at the album labeled Prater-Sloan.

Cabin by a Pond

Last Saturday we were at a cabin in the Pigeon Forge area that was located near a nice little pond (I think they allow "catch & release" fishing there, but I'm not sure, so be certain to check with the management company). The cabin is called "Sunrise Cabin" rented through Laughing Pines (phone: 865-908-8636). The cabin has a very simple decor, a nice gas-burning fireplace, and a great screened-in porch. The access to this cabin is very easy and even has a ramp from the driveway to the house, making it very easy for somebody with mobility issues. If you would like to see pictures from this cabin wedding you can go to Fourth Quarter Gallery and look at the album labeled "Lewis-Burkhart."
Overall this is a pleasant cabin with very easy access for anybody who doesn't want to stay where there is a steep mountain road. It has seasonal swimming-pool access and is only about 15 minutes from downtown Pigeon Forge. It's a pleasant setting and view (not a mountain view, but pleasant), probably the only draw-back is the simplicity of the decor, it might be a bit stark for some people. I'm sure the Laughing Pines rental company probably has other cabins that have more elaborate decors. .

Intimate Cabins with Awesome Views

This weekend we were able to visit a couple of cabins that we wonderfully intimate cabins with awesome mountain views. The first was "I Love View" rented through Hearthside Cabin Rentals. The cabin is well-decorated and private with an excellent panoramic mountain view. The only things I can say are negatives is that there is a very steep driveway and the steps to the cabin are a bit difficult. This cabin would be unsuitable to have a wedding with any guests, the cabin is a studio-style and the parking is very limited.

The other one-bedroom cabin I wanted to feature was "Bare Hugs" rented by American Patriot Getaways. This cabin has a great mountain view, but like the other cabin would be unsuitable for a wedding with any guests. Like the first cabin this one is well decorated and is on a steep mountain road. Both of these cabins feature indoor whirlpools, outdoor hot tubs, wood-burning fireplaces, and generous decks with rockers. The Bare Hugs cabin had a combination washer/dryer, but I wouldn't count on it to do much laundry, it seemed to be quite inefficient.

Antique Lovers Pay Attention

Attention all antique lovers, I've found a pretty good cabin for you to enjoy. It has some drawbacks, but it is a charming cabin fairly convenient to downtown Gatlinburg that is filled to the brim with antiques. Wildwood is a charming cabin that is an excellent choice for your in-cabin wedding and honeymoon. It has a wood-burning fireplace, and is fairly private. The only drawbacks were the parking and the low roof on the porches (makes pictures on the porch with the view behind you nearly impossible).

We were up at the Wildwood cabin (rented through Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg this morning. The snow on the mountains surrounding the cabin was spectacular. I was not impressed by the driveway which was narrow and winding, allowing no room to turn your vehicle around very well, the TV was extremely small, and they really need to put in a paved walk-way of some sort, but overall this is a charming cabin that has a lot of personality, especially if you enjoy being surrounded by antiques and mountains.

It's Got to be Destiny

Ok, we might as well start out this blog with the very best. It's not a cabin, but it still fits with the Gatlinburg Cabin wedding motif....if you substitute "awesome chalet" for "Cabin."

When we pulled up to this chalet it was already dark, which is a shame, because I could tell the view would have been an incredible backdrop for the intimate wedding service we were there to perform. As it was, the interior of the cabin supplied a variety of locations for excellent pictures during and after the wedding service. The cabin is called "Destiny" and is rented through the Chalet Village rental company.

Destiny is a grand two bedroom chalet with a beautiful fireplace, awesome view, and so many designer touches that I cannot even begin to list them all. It has adequate parking for several vehicles, but I would try to keep the guest list to about 10 or so or you would definitely run out of parking space. It's really too bad about the limited parking because the chalet is very spacious, so a slightly larger wedding party could be comfortable.

The chalet is located up Ski Mountain Rd in Gatlinburg, so you do have a pretty steep mountain to go up and down, my suggestion is to stop by the grocery store in Pigeon Forge, get all the supplies you need for your stay and just "veg out" in this spectacular home. (It is truly a destination in itself.) The bonus was that after the wedding while I was going to the car there was a black bear on the road just about 30 feet from our car! (I think I got to the car faster than I have moved in a decade or so.) If you are lucky you might get to see one of these awesome creatures (just not too close, they can be dangerous if provoked).

If you would like to see photos from this spectacular cabin, go to our Fourth Quarter Gallery, and look at the album labeled "Shaw-Graham." If you are looking for a background that is just simply elegant and sophisticated, you must look into Destiny.

A Beautiful Gatlinburg Cabin for a Large Wedding

Recently I was delighted to preside over a very formal wedding in a spacious cabin that I found to be absolutely gorgeous. The cabin is rented through Hickory Mist Cabin Rentals (phone: 877/462-6748). The name of the cabin is the "Crantzdorf Lodge. It had ample parking, spacious indoor areas suitable for a very formal wedding, and towering stone fireplaces indoors and out. The upscale furnishings and interior were only matched by the panoramic mountain view from its Cobbly Nob location.

Just about 20 minutes from downtown Gatlinburg, the Crantzdorf Lodge is also convenient to the Arts and Crafts Community and the Greenbrier area of the National Park. If you would like to see photos from the wedding at Crantzdorf Lodge go to our Second Quarter, 2009 gallery and look at the album Haveard-Creeden.

Truly "Away From Everyday"

OK, when I first heard the name of this cabin I thought "big deal." To be honest, it just didn't sound like much. After a little bit of difficulty finding the cabin (really, Mountain Rentals, you need to put the names of your cabins on the signs at the end of the driveway, especially when the driveway is as long and winding as this one), Bill and I rolled up on a cabin that was totally private with an awesome view that included the night lights of Gatlinburg. When I went in I was delighted to see great indoor & outdoor fireplaces, multiple flat-screen TV's, great indoor/outdoor seating areas, and too many upscale touches to mention. This 2-bedroom cabin would be great for an intimate wedding service, but I would not recommend having more than three cars in the parking area (any more than that and the last person in would be backing down a long winding driveway with no place to turn around...not fun at all! Oh, yea, and who is the last person in? The minister!)

Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg can be contacted at the phone number 865/436-9274. To see photos from a recent wedding at Away From Everyday go to our Second Quarter gallery, 2009 and look at the album Liles-Hood.

Privacy and Ponds...Oh My!

For all of you who have been looking for a great place to stay between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, I have the perfect chalet for you. It’s called Shanendoah rented through Baskin’s Creek Rentals in Gatlinburg (865/436-7811). This very nice chalet has a private pool, lots of upscale furnishings and landscaping, is totally private and looks over a nice pond. To make it even better it is located between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge (not far from the Gatlinburg Visitor Center) so it is very convenient.

Your stay at Shanendoah would be nothing if not totally relaxing, with wide decks and lots of outdoor spaces to enjoy the privacy, the view, the pool, and the pond. If you would like to see photographs from the wedding at Shanendoah, just go to our Second Quarter, 2009 gallery and look at the album Chambers-Sanders.

The other cabin I wanted to talk about was a smaller, more rustic place, but it also has complete privacy, great landscaping and a nice little pond to enjoy. This cabin is located near the Glades area of Gatlinburg, so you have great access to the back roads of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. The cabin is called Creekside and is rented through the owner who can be reached at 865/429-0400.

You will have lots of ourdoor spaces to enjoy your vacation and each other. To see the pictures from the wedding just got to our Second Quarter, 2009 gallery and look at the album Messmore-Yeck.

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Mountain Views on Two Sides....Whaaat!

We have found a rare jewel in the Great Smoky Mountains/Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area. This Wears Valley area cabin is called Jackson's Cabin, rented through Cabins For You. Jackson's Cabin is completely private, it has a wonderful covered porch on the front that overlooks an awesome mountain view. The cabin itself is a two bedroom with a soaring ceiling in the livingroom. The centerpiece of the livingroom is a stone fireplace that is a great staging area for an indoor wedding. The back porch area of the cabin has been enclosed and offers a game room with several tables and an expansive mountain view from the many windows.

Besides being ultra private with two great mounain views, Jackson's cabin has great level parking for several cars. If you are expecting more than just a few guests you might want to shuttle your guests in and use the parking area for the staging area for your outdoor wedding service as that is the best spot for staging a formal wedding service.

Would you like to see pictures from a wedding at Jackson's Cabin? Just go to our wedding photo album.
Jackson's Cabin, Pigeon Forge wedding cabin with a great mountain view
The front deck on Jackson's Cabin showing the beautiful view.