"Fall" in Love (and Marriage) in the Smokies

The air grows crisp, cooler, carrying with it the sweet scent of the falling leaves. As you walk, shuffling your feet through the thick layers of colorful crunchy carpet, you can’t help but think about the wonders of your childhood falls. I love the autumn season, especially here in the Smokies.

I distinctly remember my first October in the Smoky Mountains. It was 1985 and my husband, Bill, and I had just moved here six months prior. I had never been to Gatlinburg before, and here I was, living in this bustling little tourist town. It seems as if one day I woke up and a giant had sprinkled the entire mountain range with fruit loops cereal. It was so breathtaking, so bright, so surreal. Having grown up in northern Illinois I was not unaccustomed to the splendor that could be seen in the fall, I just had never seen it displayed so beautifully, so vertically.

If you have never experienced an October afternoon in the Smokies, it is high time you schedule a nice long weekend to enjoy the cooler (not cold) weather and the bright afternoons filled with color and wonder. If you are planning to have a nice little wedding ceremony, what better backdrop to your service than the Great Smoky Mountains draped in their finest?

A fall wedding in the Smokies is one of the ideal ways to get married. You are no longer battling the heat that wrecks hair-dos and make-up, the scenery is second to none, and (if you come mid-week) you can even find that the traffic is not too bad. (I won’t mention traffic and the weekends; let’s just say you might want to ask about alternate routes into the area.) There is a reason for that traffic, though…the spectacular show that keeps visitors coming back year after year. To have that show laid out behind you on your private deck while you get married would be a dream come true for any bride.

What if it rains, you ask (perish the thought)? Well, what if it does, then we have to suffer through a nice intimate wedding service in front of the glowing coals of your evening fire. This picture could warm the heart of even the worst non-romantic. That’s right, it’s that simple, instead of getting married on your deck you get married in front of your fireplace, a setting that evokes the cozy warmth and intimacy of years gone by. There really isn’t any bad weather in the fall; it’s just a matter of finding the silver lining (or the glowing fireplace in this case).

Whether you choose to get married in a chapel, outdoors, or in your private cabin, autumn in the Smokies is an ideal time to enjoy a wedding service in the “Wedding Capitol of the South.”

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We just wanted to extend a very heartfelt "Thank you" for all that you do. That was a very special day for us and we would like to Thank You for making it all possible and being a part of our special day.

Thanks again-God Bless

"The Newtons"
Billy & Tammy Newton
July 29th, 2006

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