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Ted & Millie's Gazebo for your Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Smoky Mountain destination Wedding.

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Gatlinburg Destination Wedding Services
Please call (865) 453-9117
Please call (865) 453-9117

We wanted a handicap accessible place to do weddings. Let's see, on the laundry list of things this spot had to be was a good place to take pictures, easy to get to, easy to park, easy to afford. We decided that the best way to get all of these things would be to build it ourselves! So here it is...Ted & Millie's Gazebo!

So if you come to us you can have a nice intimate wedding at our gazebo on our back deck (or in front of the fireplace if the weather is too nasty to be outside), and the price starts at just $75.00.

Who are Ted and Millie that they get this quaint gazebo named after them? Ted and Millie are our rescue pets. Ted was a very mellow Poodle/Dachshund mix who just wants to nap in the sunshine and enjoy a tummy rub (We sadly lost Ted on Oct 31, 2015). Millie is a bit more energetic Jack Russell/Blue Mtn Heeler mix who currently enjoys life with her little sister, Audrey and little brother, Ernie . Basically the deck and gazebo are theirs, we just borrow it from time to time to do an occasional wedding.

Price List for Ted & Millie's Gazebo/Fireplace

"Just the Two of Us"
$75.00 from Monday to Thursday
$100.00 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Includes the minister's fee, music, site fee, no adult guests and our *complimentary photography service.

$100.00 from Monday to Thursday, $125.00 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Includes the minister's fee, music, site fee, up to 4 adult guests, and our *complimentary photography service

"A Bit More"
$125.00 from Monday to Thursday, $150.00 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Includes the minister's fee, music, site fee, up to 10 guests, and our *complimentary photography service.

*Complimentary Photography Service: The minister will take pictures after the wedding service with our professional equipment. We will post the photographs in an on line album for you to enjoy. Purchase of any prints is optional and inexpensive, as little as $3.00 for a 4x6 print.

Gatlinburg weddings
Please fill out the form in full below, remember that this is not a guaranteed reservation until you have received confirmation from us.  Once your requested time and date has been recorded you will receive a confirmation, and the specific time and day can be considered all yours.

If you are booking for a Holiday weekend or a Saturday in October, please book as far in advance as you can.  Those days tend to book up quite fast.

Please understand that certain hours may already have been booked so please include alternate times, Thank you. 
On Line Reservations Request Form for Ted & Millie's Gazebo/Fireplace
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We will check our schedule then contact you ASAP. (Usually within 6 hours except on weekends, then it might be the next day.) 

Once we get you firmed up then, you may call us with your Debit/Credit card #.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail from

Is your wedding coming up in the next week?  Call us at 865/453-9117 from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST to check availability and make your reservation.

After we receive your initial deposit, (Should be sent within 5 working days from booking unless we make other arrangements) we will send you a final confirmation of your date, time, and money received.  All confirmations are sent via email unless otherwise requested.  We requre a 50% deposit on all wedding reservations.  The deposit can be made with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or with a personal check.  The balance is due upon conclusion of the wedding service.  Your deposit is 90% refundable up to 15 days before your wedding date.
If you need to cancel for any reason after your deposit is paid, a 10% cancellation fee will be charged. If you should cancel less than 15 days prior to your wedding date no refunds will be issued.  
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Includes 1 hr w/photographer & copyright release of all files
Includes 8" single layer cake, 2 champagne glasses & sparkling cider
You provide the sand and vases.
You provide the seven cords or ribbons for the handfasting
You provide the wine, a pitcher, and two wine glasses
You provide a basin and pitcher, we'll supply a towel or two.
You recieve a full-sized DVD of the wedding service.
You keep the pillar Unity Candle
Guest count does NOT include the couple getting married or children under 10 years old.
You supply the kids, of course!!
budget wedding service
Ted and Millie's Gazebo is the perfect place for an intimate or formal service, it's all up to you!  We also have the fireplace indoors which is good for those days that the weather just isn't cooperating!
Includes 8" double layer cake, 2 champagne glasses & sparkling cider
DVD Video $70.00
Unity Candle $30.00
Mini-Reception $49.00
Professional Photography $240.00
I have read the policies and agree to the conditions of this contract.
Sand Service $10.00
Handfasting $10.00
Wine Service $10.00
Foot Washing $10.00
Family Vows no charge
Large Mini-Reception $59.00